Community Involvement




[T1 SPORTS has officially partnered up with The Heart and Stroke Foundation to encourage (1) routine exercises and (2) fostering an active and healthy living lifestyle – please join T1 SPORTS today to build an active living community.]

Did you know?
In Canada, a stroke happens every 10 minutes! and stroke can happen to anyone at any age! (both old and young)
An active lifestyle and routine exercises can significantly decrease your risk for Heart Disease and Stroke… so make the change TODAY and get active.

How to participate:

[x] Make a donation in store
You can make your donation to The Heart and Stroke Foundation in store at T1 SPORTS.  Official tax receipts will be given for donations over $20.

[x] Purchase a sporting goods equipment and get active!
When you purchase sporting goods equipment at T1 SPORTS, you are directly supporting The Heart and Stroke Foundation to promote healthy and active living within our community.  T1 SPORTS is committed to donating a portion of the proceeds for every sporting goods item purchased at T1 SPORTS to The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

[x] Learn more about Heart Disease and Stroke