[Badminton & Tennis Store]

T1 SPORTS is a Badminton & Tennis Shop specializing in Badminton and Tennis equipment in Richmond, Greater Vancouver, BC.  T1 SPORTS has a wide selection of Badminton Shoes, Tennis Shoes, Badminton Rackets, and Tennis Rackets.  T1 SPORTS also provides professional Badminton and Tennis Stringing Service. In additions, T1 SPORTS has a selection of clearance Volleyball gear including Volleyballs, Volleyball Shoes & Apparel.

[Badminton Gear]

-Men’s Badminton Shoes
-Women’s / Ladies’ Badminton Shoes
-Kids’ / Youth / Junior Badminton Shoes
-Clearance / On-Sale / Discounted Badminton Shoes
-Wide Badminton Shoes
-Miuzno, Adidas, Asics, Victor, Yonex Badminton Shoes
-Li Ning, Victor, and Yonex Badminton Rackets
-Clearance / On-Sale / Discounted Badminton Rackets
-Yonex Astrox, Nanoray, Arc Saber, Duora, Voltric Rackets
-Victor JetSpeed, HyperNano, Thruster, Auraspeed, Brave Sword Rackets
-Badminton Shuttlecocks (Mavis 300 and more)
-Badminton Bags
-Badminton Accessories

[Tennis Gear]

-Men’s Tennis Shoes
-Women’s / Ladies’ Tennis Shoes
-Kids’ / Youth / Junior Tennis Shoes
-Clearance / On-Sale / Discounted Tennis Shoes
-Asics, Adidas Tennis Shoes
-Yonex, Babolat, Wilson Tennis Rackets
-Tennis Balls
-Tennis Bags
-Tennis Apparel (Tennis skirts, tanktops, Tennis shirts, shorts)
-Tennis Accessories

[Clearance Volleyball Gear]

-Mens Volleyball Shoes
-Ladies Volleyball Shoes
-Clearance / On-Sale / Discounted Volleyball Shoes
-Muzuno, Asics Volleyball Shoes
-Volleyball Apparel – Shorts, Shirts, Sports Bras, Capris, Jackets
-Volleyball Bags


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