Lebo Feb 2017 Badminton Tournament




Thank you for participating in the Lebo Feb 2017 Badminton Tournament.

T1 SPORTS carries and provides a full range of Badminton products and services, including:

    • Badminton Racket Re-Stringing Service
    • Badminton Rackets – Professional & Recreational
    • Badminton Shoes – full range
    • Badminton Bags
    • Shuttlecocks – Feather & Plastic
    • Badminton Apparel – Shirts, Shorts, Skirts, Socks
    • Accessories
    • Demo. Badminton Rackets

 T1 SPORTS is sponsoring the following items for prize draw.

-a Victor badminton racket (value $169.99)
-a Yonex badminton bag (value $54.99)
-6x  T1 SPORTS $5 gift cards (value $30)

Enter Prize Draw here.