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Buying a Tennis Racket in Greater Vancouver?

T1 SPORTS is a Tennis Store in Richmond, Vancouver BC. and specialized in Tennis Rackets for players at all levels (T1 SPORTS provides Tennis Rackets for beginner, intermediate, and advanced tennis players).

T1 SPORTS carries Yonex, Babolat, Wilson Tennis Rackets and provides full customer service for Tennis Racket selection.

T1 SPORTS has a wide selection of Tennis Rackets for men, ladies, and junior tennis players – as well as a good selection of discounted, clearance, and on-sale Tennis Rackets.


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T1 SPORTS Yonex EZone 2020 Tennis Racket


June 2020

Introducing Yonex EZone 2020 Tennis Rackets

The NEW Yonex EZone 2020 Family:
EZone 98 (305g)
EZone 100 (300g)
EZone 100L (285g)
EZone 100SL (270g)
EZone 105 (275g)

Player Levels:
Great Tennis Rackets for all levels of player – from Tennis Pro to Recreational Players.

The Yonex EZone 2020 family feels more like the older EZone DR models than the last EZone models – going back to a more dampen feel. They offer lots of Power and Control, and with great access to Spin.

Tension & Control:
The New EZone are very powerful and responsive rackets – we suggested to string slightly higher tension than normal and use deader tennis strings.

T1 SPORTS Yonex EZone 2020 Tennis Racket T1 SPORTS Yonex EZone 2020 Tennis Racket T1 SPORTS Yonex EZone 2020 Tennis Racket T1 SPORTS Yonex EZone 2020 Tennis Racket



[Introducing M40X Graphite] – into the racket throat, provides more stability and less shock

[Vibration Dampening Mesh] integrated around and between handle – lowers unwanted vibrations by 30% compared to a conventional racquet

[Liner Tech Grommet & String System] – straighter grommet holes for less string on racquet friction – added control and extra forgiveness

[Isometric Head Shape] – up to 48% larger sweetsport ensuring more Power and Control

T1 SPORTS Yonex EZone 2020 Tennis Racket

T1 SPORTS Yonex EZone 2020 Tennis Racket

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